29 Financial Articles Every Freelancer Must Read

Freelancing isn’t all fun and games. There’s a lot of grunt work, being persistent to keep your clients and keeping up with paperwork (or e-trail) for finances. There’s no room for error when you’re handling everything yourself. Be smart about spending money to make money and always make sure you’re organized to reference past invoices or follow up with an old client with minimal digging. Blog Posts for Freelancers on Taxes Taxes. They’re intimidating for nearly everyone, but for freelancers, they can be especially grueling. Learn how to take control of your finances so tax season is routine and not draining your bank account on April 15th.
    1. All Freelance – Taxes There’s an endless supply of info for freelancers dealing with taxes. From how to estimate what you’ll have to pay to what to look for in an accountant or CPA. These are important tips every freelancer should be familiar with. 2. About Taxes – Getting Organized Part of making tax season painless is to keep impeccable records of the money coming in and money being spent on business items. This article discusses how to make this easy by staying organized. 3. O-Desk – Tax Tips You Can Use Now Get organized with the help of this blog post that talks about receipts, who owes you a 1099 and how to open a business account for your related finances. 4. MoneyWatch – Tax Tips for Freelancers: What You Can and Can’t Deduct Get a look at what you can and can’t deduct from your freelance expenses when tax time arrives. Separate these things in your head so you can easily separate the receipts as they roll in. 5. The WorkBuzz – Tax Tips for Freelancers It’s all about getting organized when it comes keeping track of your finances for tax season. This blog post shows you how to keep track of tax duties and the best way to ensure you have enough money set aside for paying taxes off in full. 6. Anti-9 to 5 Guide – Freelance Tax FAQs If formal tax sites confuse you, check out this blog posts which anyone can understand. It breaks down the basics of freelancers and taxes. 7. In the Woods – Extremely Important Tax Rules for Freelance Designers in the U.S. In the U.S., you owe taxes on every cent you make as a freelancer, regardless if you get a 1099 from the employer or not. This blog post explains a few other basics on taxes that will help you figure out your finances. 8. Matador Network – Tips, Tricks and Tax Deductions for Freelancers Check out this simple breakdown of what you can deduct as a freelancer. It also explores filing for an extension in case you aren’t on top of things when April 15th arrives. 9. Coroflot – Last Minute Tax Tips for Freelancers If the weekend before the due date sends you scrambling into a frenzy to look for an accountant, it’s time to get organized ahead of time. Here are a few last minute tips for those who are against a deadline. 10. Bukiska – Freelancers Guide to Important Tax Deductions Sure, everyone knows the basic items they can deduct, but what about items you might be missing like bank fees and marketing materials? Find out what else can be put on your itemized deduction list when filing taxes. 11. Lifehacker – Check These 10 Freelancer Tax Deductions Before Filing This blog post is perfect for those who are new to the freelancing game and aren’t sure what’s what when it comes to deducting items. 12. Freelance Zone – The Most Important Resource You’ll Need for April 15th If you’re weary about getting all of your ducks in a row, check out this article. This post serves as a pep talk to let you know you don’t have to fear the IRS when you’re an organized freelancer. 13. Every Joe – Estimated Taxes for Freelancers Part 1 This is a simple lesson in taxes for freelancers. It brings things down to a realistic level that every freelancer can understand, even if it’s your first rodeo. 14. The Adventurous Writer – Income Tax Tips for Freelancers, Bloggers and Online Writers Learn how to get your taxes in order when you’re freelancing on the web. This blog post offers great tips including how to estimate your taxes best on your tax paperwork from the previous year. 15. Write From Home This blog covers tips for freelance writers, but their plentiful content over how to handle taxes works for freelancers of any type. There are helpful articles on getting started as a freelancer, so your records are always in line.
Blog Posts for Freelancers Over Keep Finances Organized Keeping your finances and bookkeeping under control when you’re a freelancer can be tough. You’re one person, but it’s important you keep up with all money coming in and all money going out. These blog posts will help freelancers keep their finances in organized, no matter what time of year it is.
    16. Brandfreeze – Invoicing and Financial Management Apps for Freelancers Here’s a look at the best apps for keeping track of freelance payments and billing right from your mobile device. 17. Isamaas – Financial Management Tips for Freelancers This articles gives you the skinny on how to keep up with finances as a freelancers, including what’s worth spending money on like an accountant in order to keep your money in line. 18. All Freelance – How to Get Your Clients to Pay On Time & Bill Collecting This site has a bevy of articles on bill collecting and how to nicely get a client to pay if you have an outstanding balance for months on in (hey, it happens). 19. All Freelance – Financial From how to set a budget to whether you need business insurance for your at-home operation, this page has countless articles to help freelancers new and old keep their money working for them. 20. Technotip – 5 Financial Mistakes New Freelancers Make Here are some of the basic financial mistakes nearly every freelancer makes when starting out. If you’re still falling prey to some of these things, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals as a freelancer. 21. DesignM – Financial Management Tips for Freelancers Retirement, savings and tackling multiple bank accounts are covered in this helpful blog post for freelancers. 22. Freelance Folder – 3 Freelance Bad Habits That Lower Your Rates Freelancers can deal with an array of bad habits that waste their time and in the end, effect the bottomline. Learn how to steer clear of giving away work and wasting the work day. 23. MoneyWatch – 4 Smart Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers When you’re a freelancer, you have to be careful about how you spend your money. After all, you never know when a job with disappear or a client won’t be able to pay up. Here are tips for saving funds for rainy days. 24. Forbes – 8 Money Tips for Freelancers The financial pros from Forbes show freelancers where to skimp and where to spend in order to take their business to the next level. 25. Freelancers Journal – Online Payment Methods Getting paid online is the norm for the modern freelancers, but it can be difficult to figure out your options. This article explains the advantages to being paid online. 26. 1st Web Designer – 15 Tips for Freelancers: What to do With Slow Days and Dry Times As a freelancer, you know that not every single day will be packed with work and loads of money trickling in. When times are slow, there are still smart things you can do to make the most of the money you’re making and the downtime you have. 27. Freelance Folder – Student Freelance Tips to Budget Your Freelance Earnings Folks are freelancing at an earlier age, so if you’re still a student and working your freelance skills, it’s important to make the most of the money that’s coming in. Learn the ropes early so you can parlay your freelance gig into a full-time career once you graduate. 28. Money CNN – Financial Planning for Freelance Workers If you feel you’re the only freelancer out there who doesn’t have their finances under control, think again. Read this interesting article over a family where both parents freelance and how they’re taking control of the money their careers bring in. 29. FreelanceSwitch – Retirement Planning from a Freelancer’s ViewpointThis article teaches freelancers how to go about planning for retirement and how much money to set aside according to how much money you’re bringing in.
Get your finances in check as a freelancer and you can enjoy the freedom of your job and put yourself into your work without feeling like tax season will creep up on you out of nowhere. Keep your records organized and make the investment in a CPA or accountant to ensure you mind your p’s and q’s and the IRS stays away.